Follow the J-litter puppy’s

3th june the puppy’s are born of Haven x Morris.

pups 2 dgn Pups 2 dagen oud

pups 5 dgn pups 5 dgn.                                                             pups 5 dagen oud.

dag 1 pups geboorte

2 males (orange and dark blue) and 5 females (pink, purple, light blue, red and yellow)

pup oranje dag 1 pup d blauw dag 1

orange male 306 gram at birth                          dark blue 370 gram at birth

pup rose 1 dag pup rood dag 1

Pink girl 364 gram at birth                                   Red girl 266 gram at birth

pup paars dag 1 pup l blauw dag 1

Purple girl   246 gram at birth                      Light blue (is green) girl 366 gram at birth

pup geel dag 1  Yellow girl 334 gram at birth

de teven 7 dgn de reuen 7 dgn     the girls and the boys 7 days old

oranje reu 10 dgn blauwe reu 10 dgn    orange male 10 days                                                              blue male 10 days

rose teef 10 dgn rode teef 10 dgn           pink girl 10 days                                                            red girl 10 days

paarse teef 10 dgn  groene teef 10 dgn purple girl 10 days                                                         green girl 10 days

gele teef 10 dgn gele teef yellow girl 10 days                                                         nice sleeping

lekker drinken blauwe reu

oranje reu 17 dgn blauwe reu 17 dgn orange male 17 days                                                       blue male 17 days

teef paars 17 dgn teef rood 17 dgn Purple girl 17 days                                                                 Red girl 17 days

groene teef 17 dgn rose teef 17 dgn Green girl 17 days                                                     Pink girl 17 days

gele teef 17 dgn yellow girl 17 days

pap 21 dgn.. pap 21dgn. pap 21dgn for the first time fast food

kleurtjes 22 dgn. kleurtjes 22 dgn Different colours 22 days old